Mercedes V-class

Description and specifications

The first generation of Viano automobiles was developed in far 1996 and after two generations the car was changed unrecognizably with an emphasis on comfort and decreasing of using the fuel.
Search a chic car to rent in Dubai? Choose Mercedes Viano. The model got exclusive changing of its appearance: front and rear bumpers were made in brand new design, new lights with day run. Seat covers were also changed and multifunctional steering wheel was added special for Viano from S-class cars.
In standard

Max speed:217 km/h
To 100km/h:10.4 sec.
Engine:V6 3498 cc.
Power:258 hp.
Daily:1000 AED
Deposit:3000 AED

set of the car there are 6 passenger seats but developers additionally offer triple row seats what mold Viano into the car with 8 passenger seats.
Much space inside the car makes it very cozy and travelling inside the car becomes a real pleasure because of ergonomic conception of driving and comfortable seats.
Technical equipment also plays the great part in comfort of this car and we hasten to assure that here it was done with great care and quality.
The car’s passengers safeness was thought out to the last detail: the intellectual system of warning of unfastened belts, the complex of pillows and special three-point belts.
Viano is the optimal choice among the multi-unit cars. It is the combination of power and strength, gracefulness and convenience.
Rent Mercedes Viano in Dubai and you will never regret about your decision!

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