Audi A6

Description and specifications

To the great pleasure of motorists we glad to represent you the car named Audi A6 turbo!
The line of cars with the proud name А6 appeared in far 1994. But even today model protects pride of Audi company. Car is highly demand for rent in Dubai.
The series is remarkable with curious fact: exactly A6 cars put an end to the leading of Mercedes company in selling business-class cars, which last for more than 30 years, in 2005 and the A6 class had the first place for a long time and didn’t give primacy to

Max speed:300 km/h
To 100km/h:8.7 sec.
Engine:35 TFSI 2.8cc.
Power:250 hp.
Daily:750 AED
Deposit:2500 AED

anybody and it was marked as in many car magazine, as with sales volume all around the world.
This car is for them who appreciate quality and comfort which become the distinctive feature of Audi Company.
The qualitative design of the car won’t remain anybody indifferent. The harmonious flowing of carcass lines makes the look of solid and representative car and even among many cars this auto is seen from any distance.
The company engineers made everything to create a brand new engine which became more powerful but the consuming of fuel was left at the same level as before.
The car is made for the big city; it looks stylish enough and has already become the classic among the cars.
Almost noiseless driving and high maneuverability turn the driving of this car into real pleasure!
Comforts carcass of German cars is undeniable. A6 is ideal for group travel. Special attention should be paid to the size of the trunk, it’s very capacious. A6 is ideal for rental in Dubai.
Without any doubts, Audi A6 turbo isn’t just a car, it’s the car from the capital letter!
If you want to check it, just contact us!

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