Mercedes G63 AMG 2016

Description and specifications

Captivating Oriental tale. The city which is bathing in luxury sunshine... Still not guessed? This is Dubai, whose splendor and untold riches sheikhs has glorified all over the world! And if you are going to go in Dubai, first you will need to take care of the status car.

So, you are in Dubai. Business visit or not - whatever the purpose of your trip in this definitely the most exotic (and certainly the richest) corner of the world, everything has to fully meet to the smallest details. Rent a car

Max speed:210 km/h
To 100km/h:5,3 sec.
Engine:V8 Bi Turbo 5461 cc.
Power:544 hp.
Daily:1200 AED
Deposit:5000 AED

in Dubai, the service providing by us, can become a practical solution to the issue of selection of luxurious and comfortable car. Mercedes G63 AMG is a car of stunning beauty, perfectly designed and eye-catching. Rent Mercedes G63 AMG in Dubai is not just an opportunity to emphasize the status, and the lucky chance to get a fantastic driving experience on exclusive classics among SUVs.

AMG is three magic letters behind which hide such concepts as power, luxury and passion. Rental Mercedes G63 AMG in Dubai will justify these expectations, because Mercedes is truly one of the most impressive cars on our and possibly on several other planets!

No more expectations or hidden fees! Hire Mercedes G63 AMG in Dubai from our company is the opportunity to choose the price you like. And be sure that your trip will leave in your memory a lasting and vivid impression.

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