Mercedes S500 Cabriolet

Description and specifications

The C217 model succeeded the C216 CL-Class and is the last version of the S-Class coupé. It is also the first Mercedes coupé to carry the S-Class name since the C126 model.
After that rent in Dubai for this model has become top sales.
The model of sixth generation of Mercedes took from the previous models the best concepts and removed all unnecessary things.
Nice design with smooth lines and bends was made with great care and love. Chromium-plate details perfectly

Max speed:260 km/h
To 100km/h:4 sec.
Engine:V8 5000 cc.
Power:530 hp.
Daily:2000 AED
Deposit:5000 AED

emphasize the gracefulness of the car and give it a special charm.
The Sixth generation of S-class became innovative in many ways. Among them there is the new light carcass which is developed under W222 name, the using LED lights everywhere instead of incandescent lamps, new security system, the using of Lithium-Ion starter battery and many others.
The noble German origin of the car with compliance with the best traditions make the auto become the one of the most respectful representatives of Mercedes company.
While driving this car with weight of almost 2 tons you feel yourself as comfortable as you become a plane pilot.
The acceleration of S600 is really impressive and the line of 100 km will be crossed in just 5 seconds.
Almost perfect in all respects, this auto is irreplaceable helper for any driver
If you want to feel yourself like the fighter pilot – rent Mercedes S500 in Dubai!

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