Porsche Boxster GTS

Description and specifications

Tired from the crazy pace of the world, which is tighter addictive in its network? Want to spend a memorable weekend in the most amazing country? Then feel free to go in Dubai - this captivating tale will hospitably open its doors for you! And to feel the freedom and to manage your own time, you need a super-fast car - Porsche Boxster GTS. The one who picks the best car rentals in Dubai, doing the best trip of his life!

This German supercar doesn't need the pathetic description - each letter in its

Max speed:281 km/h
To 100km/h:4.7 sec.
Engine:3.4 3436 cc.
Power:330 hp.
Daily:1000 AED
Deposit:5000 AED

name can speak for itself. Porsche Boxster GTS is a maximum of roadster in its third generation. Today this car crowns the line sports cars Boxster and is offered with a familiar engine with six cylinders, increased by 15 horsepower capacity and the addition of 10 Newton-meters of torque. In a word – it is perfection both outside and under the hood. Sitting behind its wheel, you become one, you feel every millimeter, and immediately find a common language.

If you are subject to the pleasure to feel the admiring gaze of the public, and want to add a little bit of adrenaline, then resist the temptation to rent a Porsche Boxster GTS in Dubai will be simply impossible. By hiring this car, you are guaranteed to get a most unforgettable experience and a lot of flashbulbs made, or ordinary passers-by and tourists.

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