What is the procedure of booking a car?

Submit an application directly on our website (http://cargetsrent.com.xsph.ru/en/p7_book_page), via e-mail info@cargetsrent.com or by phone: +971 50 426 7545 .

How can I change the order or refuse it?

Please e-mail us to info@cargetsrent.com or contact the office by phone +971504267545. Our managers will adjust your booking or cancel it as soon as possible.

Most car rental companies charge extra fee for the change of the order. Will I have to pay after adjusting my order?

We take care of our clients’ comfort and we never charge a fee for making the reservation or correction of data. Our clients can always change the date and terms of rent of any cars.

I haven't received my booking confirmation via e-mail. What am I to do?

Please e-mail us to info@cargetsrent.com or contact our managers by phone: +971504267545. They will check the availability of booking and confirm it, and, if necessary, make the reservation again.

What to do if my flight is delayed?

Please submit your flight information to our managers. They will check the arrival time. After confirmation of the flight delay the car will be conveyed on the right time.

If the plane is delayed for a long time, you just contact our managers and they give you further instructions.

If your flight is canceled finally, please inform our manager as fast as possible and they will cancel the order. Otherwise the application for rental will be invoiced and you'll need to pay the bill.

Is it possible to extend the rent period during the car exploitation? What is the correct procedure? How to execute payment?

Yes, the procedure of the rent period extension is simple. Please call: +971504267545. Managers will promptly instruct you how to draw up a bill and make payment.

What documents do I need to rent a car?

International Driver's License.

For UAE residents Local sample Driver's License is enough.


Are there any age restrictions for the car rental?

Car rental in the UAE is possible for people aged at least 23-24. Exact criteria depend on the model of car. To rent a sports car the driver should be 25 years old. You may obtain detailed information from our managers.


How shall I pay for the rent?

Payment for the rent may be executed both in cash and by plastic cards. We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Club International.

What payment cards are accepted?

We offer you to pay by Visa, MasterCard, Diner's Club International.

Can I pay for the rental of the car in cash?

Yes, the rental service is payable in cash or in any other way convenient for you.

Can I pay for the rent by a credit card issued in the name of another person?

Yes, you can. But this person's name will be entered into the documents as the second driver and must be present during the receipt of the car.

What services are covered by the rental cost?

The cost of rental includes a certain daily kilometrage. For sports cars the limit is 250 kilometers per day, for all other models - 300 kilometers per day. If you exceed the kilometrage limit each kilometer is charged separately. The cost of rent also includes payment of civil liability insurance, theft insurance, accident insurance in case of an accident, additional airport fee and local taxes. Detailed information about the cost of the rent is specified in the contract.

What services are not included in the rental price?

Upon return of the car the renter pays traffic fines, the cost of parking and used fuel, delivery of the car to another emirate and pays road tolls if any (Salik).


How do you count the days of the car rental?

Car rental is counted in a 24-hour mode, daily. Example: if the rental begins at 10:00 on Monday and ends at 10:00 on Tuesday, the payment is due per one day. If the rental starts on Monday at 10:00 am and ends at 13:00 on Tuesday, the day has ended and the new one began. In this case, the rental rate will be charged for 2 days. Please check the return due time in advance upon booking, 'cause this determines the final price of the service.

What is a deposit? Why is it required? What is the deposit amount?

Deposit is an amount contributed by a customer as a deposit for the car. When the customer pays for the rent by a credit card, the bank blocks the card till the moment of return of the vehicle. This allows us to insure against potential costs. This amount includes the cost of any necessary repairs, the payment of fines and fuel. Deposit is a guarantee of the client's solvency and his ability to repair any damage obtained during the vehicle rental or to pay the costs of refueling a car, if the car is not returned with a specified amount of fuel. Deposit size differs depending on the brand. You don’t need to worry regarding the deposit - this is a normal practice used throughout the world.

When will the deposit be returned?

Security deposit is returned at the end of the rent term, upon return of the undamaged car. The full deposit will be returned during 29 days after the return. This time is required to obtain all possible fines or bills for toll roads.

Does the rental cost include life and health insurance?

Yes, insurance is included in the total cost of rental. The driver and his passengers traveling on our vehicles are insured in the Fullinsurance.


Is it possible to get / return the car in the after office hours?

Yes, this service is provided by our company. We offer our customers an opportunity to receive or return the car at any time convenient for them. The service is provided free of charge.

May I have a car expecting me at the hotel and returned back to the rental company by your employees?

Yes, the service is available. By prior agreement with the customer, our employees can deliver or pick up the car from any place convenient for you.

The car was returned earlier than it has been previously stipulated in the contract, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, a refund for any unused days or if the vehicle is returned before the agreed term is impossible.

What is the procedure of the car return?

When you return a rental car you need to provide our manager all documents, which you receive together with the car. Return Procedure involves a thorough inspection of the auto together with the manager of the company. This prevents any damage to the car. Then the documents are signed and you get a copy of your vehicle return certificate. Please keep this certificate.

Are there penalties for returning the car after the deadline stipulated in the contract?

Yes, unfortunately. This provision is also entered into the contract. Penalty is charged for every hour after the third hour of delay. If you are late with the return of the car up to 2 hours, no fee is charged.


What am I to do in case of an accident?

First of all you need to make sure that there are no victims. If some people are injured in an accident, you have to make an urgent call to the emergency rescue service: 998 Then contact police and get the documents concerning the accident. Also you need to report about the incident to our manager.

What am I to do if the car broke down?

In case of any mechanical problems you should immediately inform the managers of our company. We shall solve any issue as soon as possible. It is important not to leave the vehicle unattended, even if it breaks down, because its cost is not covered by the insurance.

I did not get any warning from the police, how did it happen that I was fined?

In some municipalities the violations are recorded by cameras, then the violator receives a notification about a fine. In case of violation the car is identified by its registration number. Then the fine notification is sent to the owner of the car. In accordance with provisions of the rent contract the amount of fine is deducted from the amount of the security deposit.


What additional services does your company offer?

When you rent a car at our company, you may choose some additional services, such as:

- Installation of GPS

- Assembly of the child seat

- Transfer of the automobile to the airport or hotel

- Services of a driver

- Services of a personal guide

- Ordering flowers for lady

- Festive decoration of the car

- Transfer of the selected vehicle to any place in Dubai.

I found a cheaper deal on renting, but I would like to rent your car

If you find a company offering a similar rental terms at a more affordable cost, please let us know. We will check the alternative proposal and offer you a better price of the rent.

Why is it convenient to rent a car from your company?

- Our clients receive only legendary brand new cars (released in 2018 and later).

- Our managers will surprise you with gentle and unobtrusive service and the highest attention to details. Focus on the customer, and respect for your time – these are main rules of all the employees of our company.

- You get a perfect car of a prestigious brand in perfect condition with irreproachable performance to your complete disposal. If you rent a car from our company you can be sure in its safety and high level of comfort for you and your passengers. Before conveying a car to the customer, we carry out its complete check by qualified personnel.

- If you turn to our company you will get professional advice concerning all your questions. Our managers will give you a qualified answer as soon as possible.

Our customers have become our long-term clients already a long time ago. This once again proves that along with the car rental you get the impeccable quality of service.


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