Rent BMW

Luxury Sedan

BMW 750
Max speed: 250 km/h
To 100km/h: 6,2 sec.
Engine: 4.4 L N63 V8 twin-turbo
Model: 2020
Power: 523 hp.
Daily: 1800 AED
Deposit: 5000 AED


BMW 435i Cabrio
Max speed: 250 km/h
To 100km/h: 4.3 sec.
Engine: 3.0 cc.
Model: 2018
Power: 430 hp.
Daily: 800 AED
Deposit: 5000 AED

The choice of a car for rent in Dubai can really make a holiday successful or a failed. Think, what requirements should your vehicle meet? How much luggage do you have, how many passengers will accompany you and how much money you are willing to spend. If you plan to travel for a long distance, we advise you to rent Audi in Dubai. Premium class cars is a perfect choice for business trips and comfortable family holiday. If you want to impress, declare yourself or just want to enjoy a stylish drive – select one of our Audi model range. Show your worth driving in a convertible sports car. Most convertibles are usually designed for 2 people and 2 places of luggage. Therefore, if you plan to travel with family, the best option for you would be a sedan or economy class car, suitable for 4 or more people with a spacious trunk and superior performance. Such an auto would be a reliable partner and will make your stay as comfortable and free as possible.