Ferrari 488 GTB Spider

Description and specifications

The cabriolet you dreamed of!
Ferrari Italia Spider is the cabriolet version of famous Ferrari Italia supercar.
The sales of a new cabriolet from Italian company started in 2012. The car was created for them who love to drive with open roof and of course for the people who love Ferrari at all.
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Ferrari Italia Spider is similar to Ferrari Italia at almost all of the characteristics. It’s also equipped with V-8 engine with direct injection

Max speed: 325 km/h
To 100km/h: 3.4 sec.
Engine: V8 4500 cc.
Model: 2018
Power: 562 hp.
Daily: 45003600 AED
Deposit: 10000 AED

and seven-speed robotized gearbox.
But of course the main feature of this car is the lightened aluminum roof which can be removed only for 14 seconds!
Exactly because of this roof the weight of the car was lightened on 55 kg in comparison to the traditional model. Because of savvy of Italian engineers and special roof concept the space for luggage was also increased. Also the special program named WindStop help to remove excess air from the cabin.
In personalization of driving this car is perfect- it obediently do all of the maneuvers and commands with lightning speed and make the driving become the real relaxation!
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