Audi Q8

Описание и характеристики

Audi Q8 — спортивный кроссовер от немецкого производителя автомобилей Audi. Концепт Audi Q8 был представлен публике 9 января 2017 года на Североамериканском международном автосалоне (NAIAS) в Детройте, США. Премьера серийной версии состоялась в мае 2018 года на Шеньчженьском автосалоне в Китае. Спортивная версия RS Q8 будет показана позже на Женевском автосалоне. Тестирование спортивных версий Q8 - SQ8 и RS Q8 уже проходят.

Макс. скорость:250 км/ч
To 100km/h:5,9 cек.
Двигатель:V6 TFSI 3000 cc.
Мощность:355 л.с.
Цена за день:1800 AED
Депозит:3000 AED

The Audi Q8 is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV coupé made by Audi that was launched in 2018. It is the flagship of the Audi SUV line, and is being produced at the Volkswagen Bratislava Plant.

SUVs, particularly in the luxury segment, are increasingly popular, and the Q8 is expected to sell in higher numbers than the A8.
The Audi Q8 was presented to the public in concept form on 9 January 2017, at the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) in Detroit, Michigan.

The Audi Q8 will be the first SUV model under Audi's new head of design, Marc Lichte, and it will introduce a new design language for the brand's SUVs. The grill is larger and now has an octagonal shape, with both vertical and horizontal slats, and the character lines of the Q8 are inspired by the Audi Quattro rally car from the 1980s. The Audi Q8 features full-laser headlamps and taillamps, the first-ever in a crossover or SUV. The interior features the knob-less MMI system, three touch screens and an enlarged virtual cockpit which has a fully digital instrument cluster. Additionally, both haptic and acoustic feedback are provided in response to user inputs.

The Q8 is slightly shorter than the Q7 in terms of both length and height, but is slightly wider. It also has less cargo space than the Q7 due to its sloped roofline, and unlike the Q7, the Q8 is not available with third-row seats.

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