Ferrari Portofino

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Dubai... The most luxurious nook yet untroubled by the tourist on our planet... And if you plan to spend your vacation in this amazing country, then the perfect solution for you would be to lease a Ferrari Portofino - the legendary pearl of the Italian automaker, which stores under its elegant appearance a powerful engine with obstinate character. Only the name of this car makes the blood boil in your veins, and in the head emerges the image of a stunning supercar, created seemingly just to make your dreams a reality.

Ferrari is not only a racing

Макс. скорость:350 км/ч
To 100km/h:3.6 cек.
Двигатель:V8 Turbo 3855 cc.
Мощность:560 л.с.
Цена за день:3800 AED
Депозит:10000 AED

team, it is a symbol of Italy, a symbol of speed, the symbol of perfection. Ferrari is a legend, a religion, which is worshipped all over the world. Therefore, the freedom of movement in Dubai on a luxury high-speed Ferrari Portofino is not the only advantage of car rental in Dubai - service provided by our service.

When you rent Ferrari Portofino in Dubai - this amazing and exclusive in every sense of the car - you get the opportunity to plunge into the mysterious world of the UAE and to leave the most vivid impressions. Imagine how you are racing on a super-fast Ferrari Portofino among the mighty sand dunes and feel yourself as the ruler of the whole universe, because under your hood humbly growls 560 HP. Want to experience more - hire Portofino and let your dream leads you!

Похожие авто

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Макс. скорость325 км/ч
To 100km/h3.7 cек.
ДвигательV 10 5.2 cc.
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Цена за день5000 AED 4000 AED
Депозит10000 AED
Ferrari 488 GTB Spider
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Депозит10000 AED
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Макс. скорость325 км/ч
To 100km/h2.9 cек.
Двигатель3.9 L F154CD twin-turbo V8
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Цена за день8000 AED 6000 AED
Депозит10000 AED
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