Rent Econom car

Audi A3
Max speed215 km/h
To 100km/h9,3 sec.
Engine30 TFSI 1400 cc.
Power122 hp.
Daily350 AED
Deposit2500 AED

If you want to have a car at your disposal during vacation but you are not eager to waste money then the economy class cars rental in Dubai is a perfect option. Economy class is represented by small-sized vehicles, roomy enough for 4-5 persons. These are the modern inexpensive cars, full-rigged  with all gadgets necessary for comfortable travel: air-conditioning, car stereo and navigation systems.

Our fleet consists of only reliable models; their dazzling style and elegance regardless of the level of passenger compartment’s comfort really impress.

The rent of such а car is the best choice for business trips and solving routine matters in Dubai. It is unpretentious in maintenance with small fuel consumption; its compact design allows to move faster in traffic jams and to maneuver in the narrow streets.

These cars are perfect for long family journeys across the country. The spacious interior plus a big trunk will make the trip smooth and comfortable.

Rent price is quite low and, due to the fact that the vehicles are cheap, the deposit for such a car makes quite a symbolic amount.

If you choose to rent an economy class car in Dubai, you will get a reliable partner having excellent technical features and ready to drive hundreds of kilometers under your guidance.

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