Rent Luxury Minivans

Mercedes V-class
Max speed217 km/h
To 100km/h10.4 sec.
EngineV6 3498 cc.
Power258 hp.
Daily1000 AED
Deposit3000 AED

Large and comfortable minivan in Dubai in personal use is a real pleasure and a great luck. It is crucially beneficial in this multi-street city with always occupied parkings in the center, where the demand on such vehicles is very high.

Rental of the minivan in Dubai will contribute to the feeling of comfort for you, your friends and colleagues at the holidays. Interior finish of the minivan is similar in quality to the famous S-class, and the number of accessories will dazzle the fans of versatile solutions. Leather seats, powerful air-conditioning system, automatic passenger doors on both sides can make your trip around the city and its outskirts more pleasant.

Please note that if you want to rent a van with a seat capacity of more than 8 people, you'll need a driver's license of the respective category.

Its dimensions are quite unusual for an ordinary driver, and sometimes it results into scratches and dents due to bad parking maneuvers. Therefore we highly recommend you to draw up full coverage of insurance deductible directly on spot in Dubai before rental.

Having provided the insurance you can hit the road safely, enjoying a great company and gorgeous sceneries outside. Such car Rental is an ideal choice. This is an excellent vehicle suitable for both long journeys across the country as well as for short trips around the capital.

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