Rent Maserati

Maserati Levante S
Max speed250 km/h
To 100km/h5.2 sec.
Engine3.0 cc.
Power430 hp.
Daily1000 AED
Deposit3000 AED

Many people believe that the vehicle rent is the elite service, and only wealthy people command it. In fact in Dubai it has become affordable to everyone. Final price is made up of several factors like the class of vehicle, the lease duration and season. The cost of services includes all the required insurance policies and additional fees (if any) will be indicated in the documents.

We offer the ultimate combination of luxury, quality of service and cost, so if you want to rent Ferrari in Dubai, please contact us. Ferrari is made for exuberant trips to race with the wind.

We can make all your dreams and desires come true by means of sports and luxury cars from the most upscale manufacturer in the world.

To rent Ferrari is like to participate in the Formula-1: prestigious 2-seat Italian berilinette, incredibly sexy sports coupe. This car has completely new base and fresh design concept featuring malformed wings on the front radiator grille, zooming out at high speeds.

Once you sit behind the wheel and feel the power that is concentrated in your hands you won't be able to give it up.

When you drive along Dubai streets you should consider peculiarities of the country and know everything about traffic conditions and details, connected with the settlement of the accident consequences. Study them better in advance to avoid any troubles.

Explore the UAE without limitations, drive to any city, at any time and at high speed!

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